Iraq, aka “The Suck”

I really didnt have a place online for my Iraq pictures  so I decided to make a place for them….  They will be in a somewhat random order  but I intend to organize them at some point,  I just need to get them online. These first pictures detail my Visit to a local Iraqi Hospital.

Winning Hearts and Minds!  One in the heart, two in the head?

“The Ocho”

This is Combat Outpost Rahwah,  we were here for 1 month before we had to move to a new base closer to the action…

It was a little warm

One of our pets,  some iraqi brought it to me in a gator-aid bottle,  he thought we could extract the venom for an antidote,  I wasn’t brave enough to try that.

My Bed

Our Patient  “Greck”  He was chasing a bad guy and fell about 20 feet off a roof.

Making Furniture

Still Hot…..

Chris Graniero,  awesome Marine!   Thats his tattoo below

Layout of the Combat outpost Rawah

Our Workout tire   sucker weighed at least 300 pounds

Doing Laundry   Bottled water


Wag-Bags and “Piss-Tubes”   Yes thats what we pee’d in,  Ill let you guess what the little grey tent was for.

Brian King  Awesome ER Nurse…., Great Friend

I was Grilling in the sand-storm

“Gretchen” the Bomb Dog

A Little dusty

Shock Trauma Platoon Ubaydi

We had a nice T.V

Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)  We earned our TAN Belts.  It was fun beating the crap out of each other.

Going on a Medevac mission

Love this Tattoo,  Corpsman rock!!

Random Haji truck

Stacked,  I feel sorry for the dude around the corner 🙂


Christmas in Iraq

My Bed at Ubaydi

This is our Operating room for when our SPECOPS guys visit

This is December

I was shaving my Moustache and took a pic,  kinda look like Charlie Chaplin….no?

Cow Hall  (highlight of the day!

Cobra Gunship, Dont Mess

I took alot of pics of my dinners, cause I couldn’t believe what we were eating…. We went 4 months without salad or fruit or vegetables,  that SUCKED… Idiots wouldn’t order it   and we were pretty far away from any base with supplies

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July 11, 2012 - 15:39

Charlie Bruce This is awesome Lt. I haven’t seen any of these pictures. I regret not taking many. The food pics were my favorite. I hope you’re doing well.

September 8, 2014 - 12:52

Mario Hernandez He the lt Heimal, seeing these brought back some memories, hope your still working on your strikes and proper falls,

Sgt Hernandez
Cook Ubaydi

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