OP-Love- I’m Coming Home-Sneak Peek

Went out to the Terminal tonight to photograph another homecoming,  A Very happy time.  I am constantly in awe at the strength of the military families that are facing deployment,  Those whose loved ones are deployed and those that have made it through.   It is a reward for me to see them reunited, and to provide this service to them,  so that they will have a lasting memory of this moment in time.  Thank you Jared, Kaileen and Alexis for allowing me to share this moment with you.  I am a Op-Love photographer,  to find out more about the program please visit the Operation Love website (link will open in new window)


Painting with Light

I attended a workshop this weekend with the world renowned Trevor Williams, Light painting artist and Photographer . He is a pioneer in the art of painting with light.  Trevor is a great guy, very laid back, down to earth and a very good teacher!     Learned some cool techniques that I was not familiar with,  and I look forward to getting out and trying some new stuff in the very near future.    Anyone want to go to the beach ?

Here are some of my images from this weekend.

All light work was done IN- Camera,  no photoshop here 🙂      

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May 6, 2012 - 10:11

Jamie your dome photo looks like daylight. I’m so glad they offered this workshop. Light painting is so much fun!

Today at the Beach

Had a great time today at Araha Beach,  Okinawa photographing some really cool people,  Thanks for spending some time with me and making my job easy!






自販機 – Vending Machines – jihanki

I have started a series on the Japanese Vending machine.  Did you know: Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita, with about one machine for every twenty-three people. In Japan, vending machines are known as 自動販売機 (jidō-hanbaiki) from jidō, or “automatic”; hanbai, or “vending”; and ki, or “machine”, 自販機 (jihanki) for short.                                  

       Fish Food jihanki at the Local Park, for feeding the koi.

Soda jihanki in NAHA “power rangers”

Soda/Coffee Jihanki, Comprehensive park

 Soda/coffee/energy drink jihanki, Naha.  Tommy Lee Jones on the blue Machine, He is the spokes-person for BOSS

Soda and Cigarettes, Naha  “Relaxation”

Ingram Inc.

Another beautiful day in Okinawa,  Another Beautiful family!!    I am so lucky that I get to do this photography thing.   Thank you for hanging out with me for a while this afternoon,  enjoy the photos,  send the link to everyone you know and makes sure to click that button on the left side of the screen to “Like” my photography on Facebook.   If you are interested in a family session  use the contact form above.  Link to Pics




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November 14, 2011 - 22:12

Stacy Ingram What great pictures!!! Beautiful little Teagan<3 <3

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